White Crime - Ruining America

It's almost 2010, a year that just looks and sounds fake. Around us the world is devolving into cesspool of subterranean common denominators, all out for number one and trying to stomp the rest of us into cracks in the pavement. So what's left to do but dress up some buckets, turn up the bass and ride rockets into the next decade? Raw expression is transformed into something melodic and disconcertingly catchy, but the dark side never really veers too far off the cliff. Flashbacks into an era of black-clad, eyeliner superstars and next thing you know the lights have gone out and industrial fittings are breaking at the seems.

White Crime is getting down deep into the root of the problem. Exploitation, indulgence and absolutely no mercy. These songs long for days of excess, obtuseness and oblivion. They're elemental in approach and execution, taken down to the base, veering on the edge of nothingness and pointing straight for your crystal heart. --Brad Rose

New band consisting of Brad Rose and Eden Hemming Rose; white c20s with white lettering in white plastic cases (which is very hard to see in the pictures). Limited edition of 40. This tape is sold out. Check Tomentosa in the U.S. or Boa Melody Bar in Europe if you want one.