Mass Ornament - "Bewilderness"

Blue c30 with a different animal glued to each. Artwork by Andrea Maduro. Double image of the monster birds is glued to the cover of each. Limited to 29 copies.

the brightest bleached bones you've ever seen greet you, perched above on ancient ruins as mass ornament descends like dead flower petals dropped from storm-green skies. delicate piano rain is a constant threat, timing each drop to the beating of the swollen earth. this music is raw, an oyster straight from the sea. the notes tremble, cold and wet and seemingly unsure, but as the reels roll on it becomes clear that it was just an act. eden hemming as mass ornament is a confident bird sucking down the wind. "bewilderness" is a hypnotic journey through the space between leaves and the cracks of the drought-ridden soil. at times it floats, at others it sinks sweetly into the dust.

once the dark clouds roll in, any hope of being saved is put on the backburner and survival becomes key. electronic bombs and ghostly voices shape the brittle pathway to salvation, never looking back and never extinguishing the flame. any harshness is softened by spectral, hollow tones. all the while a sinister intensity lurks in the depths. but each new song brings a new chapter; they shift like tidal forces orbiting around an elusive singularity. hemming's voice beckons fellow trapped spirits to the center of the universe only to cast them off into the bleeding sun. the ghosts are dead.
--Brad Rose

This tape is now sold out.

You can check for it at Boa Melody Bar if you're in Europe or Tomentosa if you're in the U.S.