Lightshow "Station"

Into the silver ship, into acid trips in suburban Tulsa, Oklahoma. Flying across the empty cold blackness of space, the ship hums and vibrates. Like a tongue across teeth with a mile in between. Like the smooth thighs of a trembling rabbit. Like the groove of the key to the dust mote attic with its purple shadows and monsters that don't move except when your eyes are closed. But the attic is Io, with Jupiter looming. It is the ice and the gas of this lonely spot in space. There is something here, something life-like. You blur, split, hold your ears against the sound, oh, what is that sound?! What a belly of the whale! What an antenna of the mantis! What a difference a few light years makes in the empty black cavern of space.

Red tinted c42s in red plastic cases with a geometric design on red vellum covers and a small light source. These pictures really don't do it justice. Each one is slightly different; limited edition of 23. This tape is sold out. Please contact Boa Melody Bar if you would still like one.