Pataphor - Memoir

Whenever Brad and I go on walks these days, we pass a strange shape in the street. It nearly blends in with the asphalt. But if you stop, and look closely, and observe the way the shadows fall from its flattened form, you realize that it is a big frog.

One leg is splayed out while the other follows the parallel of its spine. It looks like it is dancing without moving, dancing in 2 dimensions.

There is something so quiet about standing in the middle of the empty street, the sun beating down mercilessly, baking your skin, the wind disturbing the conservative trees, and the rest of life moving on, rotating with the planet in cold space. And here is the dead frog, flat as a piece of paper, so quiet and so crushing.

Violet c20 tapes hidden inside books with an obi strip cover and insert. Limited edition of 20. This tape is now sold out.

Zachary James Watkins - Country Western

Inspired by the orange and grey sands of the Pecos River, Zachary James Watkins floats us down to the rich estuary of his mind. From the first quiet tones of "I", the river trickles over the soil, creating a mesmerizing sea of gently warped shapes. Warm and cold, bright and dull, the tenderness of power - we can see nothing but this undulating horizon. Undeceived by its apparent timidity, we can see its strength in the sun sparks off the water and can't help but follow it down through the canyons and curves of the haunted Southwest.

Primer-gray Brad Paks with pink and copper wire attached (not safe around children!). Bright orange c43s with bright orange labels and a pink insert. Limited edition of 20. This tape is now sold out.