Sparkling Wide Pressure "Reborn in Action"

Frank Baugh revels and fights, spits fuzzy flames of antifreeze. In the glow of the embers of morning, stars squeeze light from the annals of history. Under the blankets, toes trade steps. The truth can be found in those moments when the whole world stops for just one tiny event, or when it stops for nothing at all. Whispering in our ears, breathing the frost of November and the life of March, whispering, whispering these little changes into view... It's 1988, your boombox is turned on low. You're laying on your bed, watching the clouds herd themselves outside your window with just the tips of tree branches to push off of and you can feel your heart lift, the full body knowledge of the power of this purring music. There is no more fight, no more pit, just sweet fruit and juice.

Black or white c35 tape with snips of Frank's painting glued on, wrapped in glued, reused paperboard sleeve. "Insert" has painting by Frank on the front and words on the back, attached to the sleeve with a brad. Limited edition of 45. This tape is sold out. It may still be available through Tomentosa in the U.S. and Boa Melody Bar in Europe (see links below).